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Stevenson School

School Name: Stevenson School
Location: 3152 Forest Lake Road, Pebble Beach, California, CA 93953, USA
Founded Year: 1952
Motto: Suaviter in Modo Fortiter in Re
Type: Co-ed
Boarding Age: 14-18
Year Group: Pre-Kindergarter - Grade 12
No. of Students: 520
No. of Boarders: 290
Average Class: 14 students
School Facilities:
Average SAT: 702 reading, 688 math., 702 writing (2011) 1870 (1700-2030)
Entry Requirement:


Extracurricular Activities:
  • Stevenson fields varsity teams in tennis, golf, baseball, basketball, American football, lacrosse,  eld hockey, swimming, and sailing among others. Historically, Stevenson has  elded strong teams in tennis, golf, lacrosse, and soccer.
  • The School is home to KSPB 91.9 FM. Other clubs include international debate societies such as Model UN, music and athletic fan clubs, Amnesty International, and community service groups such as the Red Cross Club.

Contact Details
Director of Admissions:
Mrs. Susan Rymzo
3152 Forest Lake Road, Pebble Beach, California, CA 93953, USA
+1 (831) 625 8309

The School

  • Stevenson offers a wide range of courses geared to prepare students for further study at colleges and universities around the world.
  • Stevenson has thoughtful students, a gifted faculty and staff, a lively curriculum, an exceptional range of academic, athletic, and artistic choices, a respectful and welcoming community, and a serene, comfortable campus.
  • Academics are interesting and challenging, whether the students are taking a freshman environmental science class or AP calculus class.
  • The Carmel Campus houses Pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade day students. The Pebble Beach Campus houses grades 9-12, both boarding and day students.
  • The school has a long history of hosting AFS exchange students. Several students each year participate in study abroad programs.
  • Stevenson offers an exceptional educational opportunity at a boarding school in the most picturesque part of California.
  • Stevenson's educational philosophy may be different from that of any other school: three main responsibilities: to prepare for student's college years, to expand academic knowledge, and to stretch intellectual reach.
  • Stevenson students have a long history of attending universities all over the United States. Popular choices include UCLA, USC, and LMU. Nearly 100% of Stevenson graduates continue their education elsewhere.


  • Please contact the Admission Offi ce directly by email, by post or visit the School website for latest information.

Boarding Houses

  • The Residential Life Program at Stevenson supports the school’s larger mission to instill within each student the desire and ability to make a positive difference in the world.
  • This is accomplished through regular, daily, and intentional contact with faculty and trained adults from within the community and in a student's dorm.
  • Residential Life Program assists students in developing: - A set of skills that support and teach effective study habits for successful life-long learning
    - Opportunities and ability to contribute responsibly and ethically to the community
    - Skills that allows for feelings of self-worth and effectiveness as students deal with daily responsibilities and challenges
    - Social skills that allow for positive relationships with peers and adults - Knowledge and skills that encourage positive, safe, and healthy behaviors.

AP Course

  • Over 20 AP program offered.

2012/13 US High School Boarding Fees# (USD$) Per Year

7th Grade (12/13 Years Old)8th Grade (13/14 Years Old)9th Grade Freshman Year (14/15 Years Old)10th Grade Sophomore Year (15-16 Years Old)11th Grade Junior Year (16-17 Years Old)12th Grade Senior Year (17-18 Years Old)

Remark: #Inclusive of tuition fees but exclusive of miscellaneous fees, such as uniform, extracurricular activities

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