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Deerfield Academy

School Name: Deerfield Academy
Location: 7 Boyden Road, Deerfield, Massachusetts, MA 01342, USA
Founded Year: 1797
Motto: Be Worthy of Your Heritage
Type: Co-ed
Boarding Age: 14-18
Year Group: Grade 9 - Grade 12 and a post graduate year
No. of Students: 646
No. of Boarders: 570
Average Class: 12 students
School Facilities:
90 acres of fields, 18 tennis courts, hockey rink, two gymnasiums with three basketball courts, the Dewey Squash Center with ten international squash courts,  tness center, the Koch Pool (largest prep-school natatorium in New England with eightlane 25-yard pool and separate diving well), a new eight-lane track with 10mm full pour track surface, two synthetic turf  elds including a Sportexe Victory Turf surface primarily for  eld hockey (the varsity team occupies it in the fall) and a Sportexe Powerblade mono lament surface that is multipurpose.
Average SAT: 1880 - 2200
Entry Requirement:
Extracurricular Activities:

20 interscholastic sports

Contact Details
Director of Admissions:
Pamela Safford
7 Boyden Road, Deerfield, Massachusetts, MA 01342, USA
+1 (413) 774 1400

The School

  • It is a four-year college-preparatory school with approximately 600 students and about 100 faculty, all of whom live on or near campus.
  • While the enrollment at Deerfield varies slightly each year, the target enrollment of the school is 630 students. Approximately 76 day students attend Deerfield, and our population is 50/50 male/female. US: 39 states; international: 107 students from 32 countries.
  • Deerfield keeps its graduation requirements modest to preserve maximum student  exibility to shape program according to their interests, talents, and aspirations. In practice, most students go beyond graduation requirements in most subjects. For example, most students take four years of language, four years of math, three years of science, and/or three years of history. While the School encourages students to pursue disciplines beyond the School's requirements, the School also supports students who, for good reasons, wish to pursue alternative program.


  •  Please contact the Admission Office directly by email, by post or visit the School website for latest information.

2012/13 US High School Boarding Fees# (USD$) Per Year

7th Grade (12/13 Years Old)8th Grade (13/14 Years Old)9th Grade Freshman Year (14/15 Years Old)10th Grade Sophomore Year (15-16 Years Old)11th Grade Junior Year (16-17 Years Old)12th Grade Senior Year (17-18 Years Old)

Remark: #Inclusive of tuition fees but exclusive of miscellaneous fees, such as uniform, extracurricular activities

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