Backboys boarding school

Scotch College, Melbourne

School Name: Scotch College, Melbourne
Location: Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia
Founded Year: 1851
Religion: Presbyterian
Motto: For God, for Country, and for Learning
Type: Boys
Boarding Age: 11-18
Year Group: Per-School - Year12
No. of Students: 1850
No. of Boarders: 150
Ratio of International Student:
School Facilities:
Extracurricular Activities:

Army Cadet Corps, Pipe Band, Military Band, Sports First Aid, Debating

Contact Details
Director of Admissions:
Dr Chris Commons
Morrison Street, Hawthorn, VIC 3122, Australia
+61 3 9810 4203

The School

  • To deliver an education which, secure in the traditions of the school's past and Christian belief, opens boys’ minds to the rich diversity of the world in which they live and challenges them to question and explore everything they find, with integrity, humour and compassion. And to do this in an exciting, intimate environment which nurtures selfexpression and self-worth while promoting the uniqueness of each boy’ journey.
  • The Senior School enrolment is 1450, including about 160 boarders. The main entry point is Year 7; some boarders enter at Year 9 and Year 10.


Please contact the Admission Office directly by email, by post or visit the School website for latest information.

Boarding Houses

  • Enrolment in the Boarding School at Scotch College provides boys with an Australian education of the highest standard in combination with accommodation in a caring, well equipped environment. The boarding lifestyle represents an integrated, comprehensive package for the education of a student from the country or overseas.
  • Life at Scotch during term time is hectic. School work, sport, music, drama, camps and outdoor and service activities make for a very busy life for all Scotch boys, but more particularly for boarders. The boarders throw themselves into a wide range of activities with vigour and enthusiasm and love to team together.
  • On the "Hill" overlooking the Scotch Senior School, the College's 160 boarders live in one of three separate boarding houses: School House, McMeckan House and Arthur Robinson House. The houses are set around a broad drive and are surrounded by trees and beautiful, well manicured gardens.

2012 Boarding Fees & Tuition Fee (AUD$) Per Year

Please contact the admission office for more detailed information.

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