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Le Rosey

School Name: Le Rosey
Location: Château du Rosey, 1180 Rolle, Switzerland
Founded Year: 1880
Religion: -
Motto: Une École pour la Vie, A School for Life
Type: Co-ed
Boarding Age: 7-18
Year Group: Junior or Cadet section, Jeunes Seniors
No. of Students: 400
No. of Boarders: 400
School Facilities:
  • All together the academic buildings contain: 53 classrooms, 8 science laboratories, 14 speciallyequipped rooms, 48 apartments for Le Rosey teachers, 2in rmaries, a library/media centre with about 20,000 to 30,000 literary and reference works, a theatre, 3 dining rooms and 2 cafeterias, an auditorium, 2 gymnasiums, and anecumenical chapel. Sports and arts facilities at Le Rosey include: 10clay Tennis courts, a 25-meter indoor pool and wellness centre, a 25-meter outdoor pool, 3 football pitches, 1 synthetic rugby pitch, 1 wood chip running track, a shooting and archery range, an open-air theatre, and a computerregulated greenhouse. Off-campus Le Rosey owns: a private Equestrian centre housing 30 horses, 1 indoor riding school, 1 Dressage area, and a clubhouse.
Entry Requirement:


Extracurricular Activities:
  • Le Rosey offers a wide range of sports, including: Football(Soccer), Basketball, Volleyball,cross-country running, Sailing,Rowing, Competitive swimming,
    and Water skiing during the spring and autumn terms. During the winter term, sports options are Skiing,Snowboarding, Ice-hockey, Curlingand Snowshoeing Activities on offer to students include sports clubs, including airplane  ying lessons, horseriding, golf, sailing, karting, scuba diving, and shooting.

Contact Details
Director of Admissions:
Château du Rosey, 1180 Rolle, Switzerland
+41 21 822 55 00

The School

  • Rosey is one of the oldest boarding schools in Switzerland and one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world.
  • The school also owns a campus in theski resort village of Gstaad in the Canton of Bern, where the student body, faculty, and staff move to during the Winter months of January through March.
  • Institut Le Rosey is currently owned by its fourth generation of Directors, Philippe and Anne Gudin, who assumed ownership of Le Rosey in 1980. Michael Gray is the currentHeadmaster of the school. During most of the 20th century, Le Rosey was referred to as the "School of Kings", as the school has educated many notable alumni, including 7monarchs.
  • Le Rosey is currently in the planning stages of constructing the CHF 45 million (estimated $50 million USD) Carnal Hall, an Arts and Performance Centre for Le Rosey and the La Côte region currently scheduled for completion in 2012. The school is also planning the sale of its Gstaad winter campus, and a move to a location that can accommodate more personnel and students.
  • Le Rosey's philosophy is inspired by what Harvard educationalist Howard Gardner has called "multiple intelligences": "its aim is to develop all Roseans’ talents through academic, sporting and artistic programmes." The school offers a demanding bilingual andbicultural education with the language of instruction being Frenchor English depending on the student's academic program; however, students may take many language classes while at Le Rosey.
  •  Senior School- Institut Le Rosey's academic curriculum is designed to "provide education of breadth, depth and quality for an international
    student body." Le Rosey offers a rigorous bilingual and bicultural education with the principal language of instruction being French or English depending on the student's academic program.[11] Beginning in Class 9 (US 3rd grade; UK year 4) and ending in Class 7 (US 5th grade; UK Year 6), Junior students at Le Rosey follow the Primary Bilingual Programme. The Programme follows the French national curriculum for classes taught in French and the National Curriculum of the United Kingdom for classes taught in English, which are both complemented by the International Primary Curriculum to create an international education. - During the Secondary Bilingual Programme, English and French classes are obligatory, and upon entering Class 3 (US 9th grade), students begin the two-year "Pre-Bac" Programme to prepare the students for either the internationally recognized International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme or the Francophone-oriented French Baccalaureate.At Le Rosey, the IB Diploma Programme and the French Baccalaureate cover the last two years of schooling.


  • To sustain an international atmosphere at Le Rosey, there exists a quota where no more than 10% of the students may come from a single country. The student body, ages 7 through 18, is composed of pupils from approximately 58 different countries, with 60% of the students being European.

Boarding Houses

  • The boarding houses contain a total of 179 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms
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